In the comic book world, Thing and Korg are immune to incineration and Iceman is immune to coldsnap and frostbite. However, in the world of Kabam and MCOC, fire beats rock and Iceman ain't ice proof. @Kabam Miike better fix this.


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    Kabam miike is a forum moderator and franklynid prefer we let developers write the code not forum mods.

    Heck we get enough bugs when the trained people do it can you even imagine what happens when they let forum mods wrote code.

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    I’m here before the thread gets closed. MCOC doesn’t always abide by comic book rules because it’s a different universe.
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    Just like how ebony maw was a super powerful villian in infinity war definitely different in the kabam universe
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    This thread is getting shut down very soon because kabam doesn’t need to add immunity’s in their eyes for no reason there just gonna close this thread down and move on nothing will be changed
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    These are old topics.
    Ghost rider should be able to inflict incenerate and immune to it at the same time.
    I mean he literally spits fire with his sp2 animation.
    These topics came over and over.
    They won't change any of that. Cz they are saying this game is itself has it's own Universe and also with comics and movie universe.
    They can't even make warner brothers #releasethesnydercut and u think mr. KABAM will make these changes just like that. Hehe.
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