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Looking for Chilled but Active Alliance, AQ Focused, No AW.

Hey guys,

Been trying to get back into the game. I'm looking for a chilled but active alliance, AQ focused preferably. Been doing mostly Map 4 (last time I did Map 5 was back in 2017, but I should be able to cope). Hoping for an alliance that achieves at least 80m and completes all 3 BG's. Completing alliance events is also a big plus.

I'm currently in GMT +7, so take that into consideration if that might be an issue. Current prestige is 7226, but should increase a little once I get 1-2 champs to rank 5/65 (waiting for the t1 alphas).


  • ImAwsum1ImAwsum1 Posts: 179
    Do u have line
    2760st is my id
  • Mr549Mr549 Posts: 29
    Hey buddy, if you're still looking, look me up on Line, I think you'd be a perfect fit for us. My Line ID is Mr549.
  • We're a chill active alliance. We do Map 4 and are Silver 1. My line ID is wickedparadise
  • ubiquitousWindubiquitousWind Posts: 113
    Hit me up on Line @ ubiquitousWind if you’re interested in rolling Map 5. We have guys in your time zone.
  • Oesername123Oesername123 Posts: 253 ★★★
    Found an alliance. Thank you all to those that reached out.
  • Oesername123Oesername123 Posts: 253 ★★★

    Looking for an alliance again. More towards a chilled, semi retired alliance. Map 4 or 5 and no war. Preferably no communication app. I'm responsible enough to clear my AQ paths and I contribute at least 1/30 in all alliance events.

    My timezone is GMT +8 (so AQ starts at 2am for me, please keep this in mind as I won't be able to immediately join AQ) and I work full time. I hid my IGN and alliance out of respect for my current alliance.
    I'm interested by your profile.
  • NinjahippieNinjahippie Posts: 265
    Are you still looking g for an alliance?
  • NinjahippieNinjahippie Posts: 265
    You would fit in great with us
  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 2,052 ★★★★
    Ilovescotch in game name. Check us out.

    We run map 4 mainly (5 on a few days when it's not torch), 130m to 160m depending on map 4 or 5 to start.

    8.5k prestige alliance, war optional (2bg, no pressure), no line or chat app, no minimums, no pressure. We've boss killers aplenty, just need someone who turns up on all 5 AQ days and most importantly wants to run AQ.

  • AshleyyTweetsAshleyyTweets Posts: 68

    I run map 4/5 (option is yours what you prefer) war is optional.

    I have a few internationals from Asia/Middle East/Australia/NZ so time zones aren’t an issue.

    All I ask is that you play every AQ & have line.

    Add me on line if you’re still looking AshleyyTweets I’ll have a spot after AQ :)
  • RaidanFireRaidanFire Posts: 14
    We are trying to rebuild our alliance so we are mostly aq focused and once we get to capacity again I’m thinking we will 2 bgs for war. My ign is Coolst if you wanna check us out
  • SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process and need players who are willing to help us rebuild and grow. We currently do 2 groups in AQ: Maps 5 and 3. Also do 1 group (optional) in AW (Silver 2 in last season). No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
  • Oesername123Oesername123 Posts: 253 ★★★
    Thanks for showing interest guys, but I'm not interested in doing any AW or having to use any external communication app.

    Still looking. Will be able to move after this week AQ ends.
  • FixitMobbFixitMobb Posts: 315
    We’re the alliance you’re looking for. Am going to write a recruitment post and will give you link when done. Look up Fixit Crime Syndicate please and think about joining us. Easy AQ maps 5/4/3 mix.
  • N3koN3ko Posts: 43

    Thanks for showing interest guys, but I'm not interested in doing any AW or having to use any external communication app.

    Still looking. Will be able to move after this week AQ ends.

    Hey man.

    We got a spot for you.

    We run AW but only the ones that we have agreed to run it, the rest can run AQ if you have the time.

    We do 4x5 AQ with the minimun players required to finish them if you can help hit it if you can't no problem we finish it any way.

    Just fun and growth.

    Search for alliance tag TABSF or leader Abyss-Avenger.

    No communication app needed, anything to communicate done by in-game chat.
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