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Quantum Trinity Question

I have a r5 sig 80 4* Ghost, a r3 unawakened 5* Wasp and a r1 unawakened 5* Ant-Man. Is it worth taking Ant-Man up to r3, which I can as soon as the glory store resets for T1As. I have heard great things about these three used together, but I'm not sure if it's worth ranking anyone further until I pull a 5* Ghost. I'm currently halfway through 5.3 and can do most Uncollected EQs comfortably.


  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,386 ★★★★
    My team is:

    5* R5 Ghost (unawakened)
    5* R3 Ant-man (Unawakened)
    5* R3 Yellow-jacket (Sig 40)
    4* R4 Hood (Sig 59)
    3* (max) Wasp (sig no idea .. something :) )

    I use different combinations as needed (of course) .. but my common three-way is:


    Even as a 3*, I use Wasp from time to time ... even as a 3*, she has a habit of destroying a PI 20k opponent ;)
    Ant-man is even worse. That boy is tanky .. don't underestimate him, and don't let others tell you otherwise ..

    There will be fights you are unsure of if you want to risk your ghost ... That's when I bring in my ant-man (or YJ) .. to work them over a bit ... get them lower before finishing them with Ghost.

    Time and again, Ant-man surprises me by taking out 20+k opponents and losing <5% health doing it.

    Yeah, take him to R3 ... it's low cost, and he can be VERY useful.
    I'm planning on taking him to R4 once I have no other priorities .. ;)
  • SirmacoolSirmacool Posts: 372 ★★
    I put my 5* ant man to R3. He does pretty good. Glancing helps him take less damage and gets boost to his damage dealing. Like Dot_Ditto said. Don’t underestimate ant man. Good to use start fight. If you lose. Ghost still ready to go. Ant man takes down a lot and It keeps ghost full for bosses.
  • DevilMayCryDevilMayCry Posts: 77
    Antman is worth it for a large roaster in my opinion. Take him to rank 2 though.

    For a newer roaster like yours save those T4CC for a better option like quake, cap iw or void. You can take antman to rank 3 when you have 9+ science T4CC.
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