Almost duplicate character designs

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What do you think was the rationale behind Kabam creating certain champs that were more or less exact copies of existing champs with re-skins (Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel, Cyclops (Red)/Cyclops(Blue), Magneto/Magetno Now, Captain America/Captain America WWII, Iron Man/Superior Iron Man, Iron First/Immortal Iron Fist)?

Some have very small tweaks to their kit, and I think the biggest difference stats wise is between Cap and Cap WWII with the added bleed mechanic, but they all even share the same specials which seems like lazy designing.

You would think they should have treated different versions of champs like Hulk, Red Hulk and Grey Hulk where they each have a completely different move set, specials and abilities.

It would be nice if Kabam just re-designed the 2nd versions of these duplicate champs to make them completely different in how they work from their original copies.



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    Guessing you weren't here in earlier years of the game. Punisher and Winter Soldier were identical. Hulk, Rhino, Abom were identical, and a few others shared their non-special animations. Basically every single female champ had the same non-special animations, same with all large champs. Black Widow, Panther, Iron fist were identical.
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    Maybe they didn't believe the game would become as big as it has become and did not feel the need to add ground breaking abilities and animations. Obviously, nowadays they have to add new and exciting champs to keep players that allow the game to stay alive to continue playing.

    Plus, i think in the earlier stages, Kabam were more bothered about adding playable content such as act 4, AQ, alliance events and event quests to really be too bothered about bringing out quirky new champions. We had been treated with a large array of champions at the beginning of the game that we were all still experiencing.

    Plus (again), as a player who has played from the very start, when Kabam introduced characters such as cap wwII and rocket raccoon, i was as buzzing for them as i have been for Doom/Silver Surfer.
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