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6.3 boosts

ECOMAECOMA Posts: 328 ★★
Anyone have a guide or list of thr boosts and lines they counter best? About done exploring 6.2 gonna wanna tackle 6.3 soon


  • ECOMAECOMA Posts: 328 ★★
    ;( cant delete found one thanks to reddit

    6.3.1: The World of Today

    Science: Modified Constitution = No retreat + Footloose.
    Portal A, right side.
    Mystic: Cyttorak's Bargain = Can't Stop Won't stop + Running on Fumes.
    Portal C, left side.
    Cosmic: Eternal's Boon = Pilfer (Regeneration) + Mesmerize.
    Portal B, left side.
    6.3.2: Overhang

    Tech: Improved Subroutines = Inevitability + Encroaching Stun + Biohazard.
    Bottom right path with Psylocke as first champion.
    Mutant: Genetic Accelerant = Plagued Mind + Power Gain + Power shield.
    Bottom left path with Punisher as first champion.
    Skill: Live Intel = Thorns + Armor.
    Go up towards Green Goblin then left towards Luke Cage.
    6.3.3: Revolt

    Science: Enhanced Reflexes = Unblockable + Tenacity 2.
    Middle past Vulture then down towards Juggernaut.
    Mystic: Valtorr's Touch = Resistor + Armor break immunity.
    Middle past Vulture then up towards Black Bolt.
    Cosmic: Planetary Might = Armored Assault + Armor + Burden of Might.
    Middle through She Hulk then up towards War Machine.
    6.3.4: Winter Morning

    Tech: Bricked = Aspect of evolution + Bubble Shield + Brute Force+ Improved power gain + Supercharge.
    Up then portal A.
    Mutant: Siphon = Explosive personality + 90% critical resistance + heal reversal.
    Up then portal B.
    Skill: Composure = Counter tactics + Flail.
    Up then portal C.
    6.3.5: The World for the People

    Science: Chemical Reaction = Safeguard + Clapback + Cornered.
    Right path towards Hood.
    Mystic: Balthakk's Purge = Long distance relationship + Cramping.
    Bottom left path towards Cosmic Spiderman.
    Cosmic: Marvelous Metabolism = Caustic temper + Terminal Velocity + Spiked armor.
    Bottom right path towards Abomination.
    6.3.6: Footsteps from Darkness

    Tech: Short Circuit = Vigor + Vigoruous Assault + Thunderstruck.
    Bottom right path towards Red Deadpool.
    Mutant: Hypercoagulate = Caltrops + Plagued Mind + Static Blast + Coolant Leak.
    Leftmost path towards Black Panther classic.
    Skill: Tactical Maneuvering = Safeguard + Backlash Pulse + Rapid Metabolism.
    Left path but up towards Luke Cage.
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