Wishlist: Pre-Set Mastery Options

WedgemonsterWedgemonster Posts: 306 ★★★
This is a feature that has been discussed amongst my alliance before. It would be a huge convenience improvement and time saver if Kabam could introduce pre-set mastery pages with at least 2 options, mostly for those of us that turn suicides on and off all the time for the sake of placing AW defense. It could still cost the same, but instead of having to take the time to reset everything, you just pay a flat rate to switch back and forth between (for example) your suicide and non-suicide mastery setups. Or maybe a champ specific set-up, mystic dispersion set-up, etc. Nothing would change, just the time that it takes.


  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    Instead of doing this, maybe a good time to take a look at masteries in general and potentially overhaul everything.

    When the game first came out, bleed and poison were the only main debuffs, hence the suicide masteries focus on those two. Now with shock, incinerate, etc. Might be a good time to rethink these masteries.

    But yes, better than nothing would be the ability to quickly switch between setups.
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