6.6 MIL Alliance looking for at least 3 more

Current 6.6M alliance looking for active players.
  • LINE for communication - Communication is required
  • Active Daily - AQ participation (joining and staying engaged through entirety), AW participation
  • Donations - Map5 x 5 (3BG Clears) (134k gold, 30k BC, 12.5k loyalty)
  • At least 10 - R4 4*

Now a little about the group, we are currently looking for new members. We have approximately 25 ( of 30) active members who communicate very well and work together as a team to complete AQ, etc. We are looking for like minded people to help push us further in the game and grow with us. With the addition of active members who communicate well, it will allow us to improve our AW rating (Tier 6 - 8), the importance has been on AQ to grow the alliance to be able to better do AW.

We rank in SA weekly. Rank in Completion, Item Use always

If you are interested, please contact me.

Contact me - IGN: Jsnook; LINE ID - jsnook2


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