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Hey guys so I'm a 45k player looking to play competitively and get stronger! I'm in a tricky situation where most competitive alliances are expert tier and looking for higher rated players, I can contribute to all events and am pretty active everyday.. Just need that push of luck is all. Whoever would consider me I'd be greatly appreciated!


In-game name is Geclipse if you wanna check out my heroes or stats


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    Ashnz1Ashnz1 Posts: 24
    Hey dude we got a few spots if you use line app,I'll get you in we are 3 mill looking to fill up.
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    RichFailleRichFaille Posts: 40
    Geclipse, just sent ig friend request. We are 1.7M and full right now, but will be purging of all inactive players in the next day or so. You sound exactly like the type of person we want. We are growing rapidly, and run AQ/AW every opportunity we can. We are organized through the Discord app so we talk and have fun, and communicate with each other so we will keep winning and growing. My ign is RichFaille - let me know, I'd love to have you come on board
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