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Mephisto sp2 mistiming ??

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,166 ★★★
Hi, wondering if anyone else uses Mephisto, and if they've noticed this as well.

Doesn't happen all the time .. I'll work on getting a video of it when I get some free time ... but I took some time to pay attention to make sure it wasn't just a simple timing issue.

Mephisto .. any rank, vs any opponent (I think?) .. no specific nodes ... nothing fancy like evasion happening ... (ie had it happen vs Drax ... with only nodes being 3rd special available, and +25% boost)

Save up to special 2.
Do a 5 hit combo, and throw sp2 at end of it.

Most of the time, it goes off fine .. however, every now and then, either the last hit of the combo, or the first hit of the sp2 knocks the opponent back a LOT farther .. .and causes the rest of the sp2 to miss ... resulting in you eating a combo afterwards.

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