Captain Marvel Classic?

Pulled Captain Marvel Classic as my 2nd 6* (was kinda expecting it since my first was Sunspot).

Any usefulness at all for this champ in any game play? Considering she most likely (hopefully) will never get awakened?


  • chiipxopchiipxop Posts: 30
    she still hits hard and is poison immune so definitely not a bad pull but as you probably already know, the cosmic class is loaded with god-tier champs so she has been pushed down the pecking order
  • KtashakKtashak Posts: 225
    i am using her only for arenas. so many better options (hyperion,venom,medusa,new vision etc...) for questing.
  • SheDroveMeHereSheDroveMeHere Posts: 139 ★★
    Yeah I have 5* Medusa and Cull at r4 already so she won't take the top cosmic spot, but I was hoping for some use on war defense or as backup if they are tied up. I guess at least she doesn't use many resources.
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