Looking for about 5 with map 6 skills and time

We’re trying to get to 6x5 AQ but have a few holding us back. Usually Gold1 but got knocked to Gold 2 due to the few that we’re looking to replace. Please have a couple R5 5*or R2 6* and several R4 5*. Primarily US time zone. Please have time to log throughout the day and communicate via Line app.

Line Id: nate383
IGN: Nate383


  • NinjaNate90NinjaNate90 Posts: 47
    Still could use 3 if anyone is looking. Message me here, on Line app, and feel free to check out our ally in game via my IGN
  • NinjaNate90NinjaNate90 Posts: 47
    Could still use up to 2. Message me if interested. We’re running map6 full time in one BG and all 3 on the first day. War season starts Wednesday. Looking good for Gold 1 this season.
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