Wow...have not had to do this for a while...we are stable and consistent...

We are a group of moderate players who work together to maximize rewards. Most of us are 5x5 burnouts who just enjoy playing without all the AQ/AW pressure.

AW: 2 BG's in season, 1 BG off season. Traditionally we are G2, but last season slipped into G3. Hoping to bounce back. Usually there is not item use in war effort.

AQ: 544, 544, 444, 444, 433 for 100-110 mil weekly.

400-500k SA weekly, small minimums just to help us weed out the deadwood, no donations.

We use discord for group chat and are organized.

Holler if this sounds good. We have had a stable roster for several months...come in and enjoy the success.

ground round#0363 in discord, Ground Round in line, Gound Round in game.


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