Namor re-balancing announcement

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Did Kabam ever comment on why Namor is being included in this upcoming round of re-balancing when their previous messages seemed to state that Champions released before a certain date would be "safe" from re-balancing?
I can't find the original post where they outlined their window where a Champions wouldn't get touched anymore (if someone could link that post it would be appreciated).
It seems shady that the only reason we all know about Namor included in this list is someone happened upon a Chinese post, translated to English that wasn't posted by Kabam on these forums. Then they all but confirmed it when @Kabam Miike mentioned that someone still took their 5* Namor to r5 after initial unknown "changes".


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    Yeah, I did find it kind of weird that the only form of announcement was Kabam Miike's post about someone taking their Namor up. They could've at least made a separate post about it.
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    It was one this furom but edit it out

  • GamerGamer Posts: 5,876 ★★★★
    And ther probably won’t tel before just the end of January what the change is
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