New Champ Testing stages

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So what are the actual testing stages for new champs released into the game? Between the Content Creator program, rebalancing program, live testing, etc. I'm a little lost.

1.Kabam internally tests champs (Alpha)
2. Kabam releases champs to Content Providers to test champs and provide feedback (Beta)
3. Kabam tweaks champs based on Content Providers feedback (Beta)
4. Kabam releases champs into the game in pay for early access bundles in the store, or special featured crystals for players to obtain
5. Players use the champs in game for 3 months in normal gameplay
6. Kabam watches how the champs perform over 3 months with players (Continued Beta?)
7. Kabam tweaks champs based on how they're performing after global release
8. Kabam re-releases the "final" form of new champs and evaluates if their tweaks classify a big enough "nerf" that merits Players possibly getting rank down tickets to try to compensate for their money, time and efforts getting new champs right at launch

Wondering if any of the mods can confirm, edit, etc. accordingly.



  • The Content Creators are not Beta testers, and we have rarely made changes based on their Feedback, unless a glaring bug is found.

    Additionally, as a Live Game, nothing is ever "final", and changes can be continuously made to all Content, including Characters for years after their release. We never aim to do this, but this is the case with every live game available.
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