Looking for 1 active player to join a 18.6 mil ally

Hello everyone, I am the leader of Infinity Gauntlet below is a screenshot of the alliance if you want to check us out.

I am looking for an active player with a player rating of at least 400k or higher. Someone with a roster to handle Map 5x5 of AQ and War simultaneously. We are currently in Silver 1 for last War season and shooting for Gold 3 or Gold 2. For AQ we score between 150mil to 185 mil in weekly milestones. Our starting prestige on day 1 is at 7.4k and ends up on 11.9k on day 5. We are striving to hit that 190 mil milestone each week and eventually in the future work to do a map 6 on day 1.

Mandatory requirements to join are as follows

Line app to communicate
Be active and communicate great
Donate 45k Gold and 3k loyalty to the alliance treasury every week. Deadline is Saturday by 9pm PST timezone. If by the time the treasury resets and no donations are made you are required to pay double on Sunday
No rudeness, no calling out other players about anything instead please private message that player you are having an issue with or an officer to handle it.
You must be able to pull your own weight and clear AQ and War paths on your own but also follow directions from officers if given because only with good ole fashion teamwork will we all succeed.

Other questions you may have we hit between 450k to 650k in Summoner Advancement
Other Alliances events we hit at our own discretion. We don't push any other Alliance event like Villian Use, X-Men use, item use or anything like that. We naturally seem to reach the milestones but we don't push or harp on one another for those things.

If you have any other questions or are interested please message me on the line app, my name is zbot34



  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Still looking for a player to join us before the next AQ week begins. If you are interested please hit me up on line
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Boy it is tough recruiting, especially after the first day of War season begins. I am still looking for a new recruit to join my team to continue to help us in AQ with map 5x5. Currently War is optional to join since we only run 2bgs for it. But AQ we are striving to reach our next alliance milestone of 190mil each week. Just got 184mil last week. Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from somebody that fits what we are looking for.
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