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Reward For Exploits!

In the Information world It is called "Crowd Sourcing". Technology companies do it ALL THE TIME and it is very beneficial to security and software integrity and it means free testing and reporting!

I'm suggesting that Kabam consider rewarding players (as opposed to banning them) for discovering exploits in the game since it would be a huge advantage to the game developers. It is free app testing if you will.
Players are always looking for the advantage and WILL find exploits in the process. Consider capitalizing on this fact instead of penalizing and you may find yourself in a much better PR situation publically and consequently end up with a better and more consistent game.

Do the same for players who can reproduce and give specifics, in detail (with video), on game bugs. Crowd source and reward instead of crowd banning! It works at a ton of very successful businesses including Google and Microsoft and 1000's of others.
@Kabam Miike
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