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player 800k with 5R5 need friendly alliance 10 millions gold 3 no FULL 5/4 AQ ok ??? real life......

i need a 10 millions friendly people inside i dont care if you are officer or leader we have fun together
alliance must be gold 3 no more no less
aq : mix 543 no full 5/4 not time for that ideal is 80 millions no more no less i m ok to come for a full 5/4 if the last group is only for points in this case i m ok but if your goal is to finish 3 groups 100% i m not the good one for you reason.
no assigned path in AW AQ
i have many choice for def my power is 46000 and i have my 5R5 for attack and a second one in 4/6 month....
I am enough active but i have a real life with kids so i use line but i cant reply when you want ok ?? i m someone 40yo not a kiddo or teenager no life.

you can find me in the game only : JeanClaudeDusse ok ?
dont reply here i dont check only in the game
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