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Regarding the s15 defence tactics

Hi all,

Remembering the old aw’s i can say that there was enjoyable time once upon a time. As the game progressed, i understand some changes to keep the game atractive and interesting.

However, trying to make sth interesting and attractive is one thing, making it full pain is another thing.

First, we encontered healt and attack increase that was ok.

Second we are assigned to tackle nodes which was also doable and fun.

Third the nodes were made harder which is the turnpoint of game becoming stressfull.

Fourth we got global buffs which were managable but increased the level of stress and decreased fun of the game.

Last the global buffs are so assigned that you can only manage them with certain champion, perfect game style and also you need luck.

Hey guys everyone is not perfect quake player. You are watching the top allies wars and trying to push it harder for them. But doing so you are neglecting at least %90 of community.

You are playing on a debuff immune node. Your only survival chance is the get some block damage but abra kadabra siphon buff comes into story and you take enermous of damage even blocking.

You can still make profit without making this game pain. There is no game where you pay 1.000 dolar and cant get the 5 star version of a featured hero but bam one opens just one crystal and gets 6 star version. We as community has accepted this gamble side of game but at least please stop to make this game harder and harder. There is a very thin line between fun and pain for this game and you are always selecting the pain side.

Please consider the global buffs siphon is really pain. As a fun of this game i am warning you that mcoc is loosing its attractiveness for most of the community. Pls dont adjust this game by just considering the top players.

Best regards
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