Question: How to unlock the Squirrel Store items?

Yes, I'm a casual player … yes, I'm probably a "noob".
In the Squirrel Store, to purchase the higher level items, it says "Complete Act 3 Capter 4 to purchase."
So, where is even "Act 1" to begin with?
I've gone through the Event Quest "Squirrels vs. Skrulls" on Normal difficulty from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3.
Do I have to get through it to the end, or do I have to clear every single path in every single Chapter, and then it will change, or *what*?

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope.


  • HellCat07HellCat07 Posts: 28
    edited January 22
    You need to do the story quests, not the event quests. Click on fight and there's a tab for story quests right next to event quests. Hope that helps.
  • IcarusATBIcarusATB Posts: 4
    Ahha!! Thank you **SO MUCH** HellCat07!
    I was presuming that since it was the Squirrel Store, it related to the Squirrel Girl event!
    Thank you, again, SO MUCH!
    It seems obvious, now. … I feel lame for not seeing it.

    The upside: I'm on Act 2 Chapter 6 already! So, almost there!
  • HellCat07HellCat07 Posts: 28
    Great! Glad I could help. Those first few acts go pretty fast, so you'll have it unlocked in no time.
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