Mystique suggestion

I was thinking why not add mystique? She can have some very unique abilities like a pre fight ability that allows you to choose which champ you want her to turn into at the start of the fight.
For example you choose to turn into Blade and you can use all of his abilities and synergies.
But you can only turn into champs you own and are at the same tier Mystique is.
Also, if she's not duped she can't use their awakened ability when turning.
And if you have her at R5 5* and she turns into a 5* champ you have but at a lower rank she will turn into that champ as if he was R5 (might be a bit OP though).
Also when controlled by the AI she could have an ability that allows her to turn into a random champ when activating a special and use that champ's special. That will be relly annoying on defense cause you can't prepare for that but would be really fun. When controlled by the AI she could use any champ in the game even if you don't have him.


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