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Kabam - Constructive feedback for the future

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To any who reply, please refrain from input related to "balancing" as it pertains to good, bad, indifferent. For the purposes of this thread staying open, I'd like to start with the basis that rebalancing is simply going to be a part of the game going forward, and suggest how Kabam could help summoners make informed decisions going forward.

For me personally, I will be referencing Cull, as he is the champion I will be effected by.

@Kabam Miike I would like to suggest/request that a beta server be made available for summoners who CURRENTLY own an affected champion one month prior to live changes. Furthermore, this beta server of permanent content (story, variant, and labrynth quests) should include resources to rank up ANY champ on your roster (to be explained shortly), and a "create your fight" environment (also to be explained shortly), and have the ability to toggle before/after changes (you guessed it, I'll explain later).

A) Why rank up resources?
1) To explore alternatives on your roster. In my example, I would contemplate taking OG Thor to 5/65 sig 200 if I sell Cull, however maybe even after balancing, Cull is still better. I won't know without testing for myself.

B ) Why create a fight?
1) To fast forward and explore a scenario that otherwise requires time and resources to do in the live environment. You, Kabam, are essentially giving us a three week window to evaluate our decision to keep/sell a champ, with no leeway, at a time when most of us are also balancing monthly EQ, AQ, AW, and whatever side quests may be taking place. That doesn't afford much time to also run RoL for example, to test a champ.
2) A champ like Cull is a ramp up champ. I have no doubt a 5/65 sig 200 OG Thor can defeat Winter Soldier in RoL faster than Cull. What about several fights later when Cull has ramped up a bit and can do significantly more damage compared to OG Thor? These are things we as summoners could significantly benefit from knowing without needing to sacrifice sleep and units to still deal with other content simultaneously.

C) Why toggling before/after changes?
1) This is probably self-explanatory, but I'll say it anyway. It gives a clearly definable difference to a summoner as to how the changes will effect our own DPS. Your description of the changes, while thorough (kudos for that) doesn't help me understand how many more, or less, hits would be necessary to defeat Winter Soldier in RoL (a common baseline for many summoners). This goes hand in hand with the create your fight environment criteria. Allow me to fast forward to a fight when Cull is ramped up and compare before/after changes.

Make no doubt, I fully appreciate that this is not a small ask of the Kabam Dev team to create and maintain this suggested beta environment. That said, I believe it is a relatively small ask of a company that makes a pretty reasonable amount of money off of the very players that you are putting into awkward situations with a time criteria that doesn't necessarily allow us to make the most informed decisions possible.

I look forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance,


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    To whomever disagreed, would you mind elaborating as to why?

    I can't think of a single negative effect to this proposal, and a massive benefit to those impacted by the upcoming changes.
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    I'll say I have no problem with a beta that lets you rank up other champs to test alternatives and understand wanting to test changes.

    The create a fight/auto ramp up I'd be against as for someone especially cull you'd want to test him the full way through his ramp up to judge every step of the way.

    Also the idea of opening up a beta server that would house prolly 90% the player base would be a massive strain on there servers since most people have every champ as a 3*. More realistic/ideal would be bringing in people who have theirs maxed out and are proficient at using him.

    Why you may ask? Because when they are tuning a champ they are more worried at how effective he is in the best players hands not the majority. Because if you make a champ effective for middle of the pack players then you are either capping the potential of the champ or giving skilled players a ridiculously high ceiling that they will steam roll with.

    Betas should be exclusive to the best players in both the most ideal and absolute worst situations to see the peak performance of each champ and how that champ can be used in less than ideal situations.
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    Appreciate the insight @Patchie93 , I hadn't considered lower rarities. I'd be okay with them limiting it to those with 4* 5/50, 5* 4/55 and above, and 6* 2/35 and above. I could see an argument for not including 6* r1, cause frankly, you've invested nothing but gold and ISO, which you'd just reinvest anyway.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions. However, there's already a thread HERE for sharing feedback and suggestions about Champion rebalances. If you haven't already, please take a moment to contribute to that discussion. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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