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AQ / AW bosses healing (or damage taken not updating?) in between champ fights

SlimSandySlimSandy Posts: 10
edited January 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
In war, my alliance was fighting a Doom boss, my allymate fought first and, when he died, I jumped in to give it the next shot. Doom was at 65% when I started, and I left him at ~50%. After the fight, multiple people in my BG were messaging asking "How did he heal back up so high?" I was confused, but apparently my allymates had him down to 2% health before I joined the attack. This happened to us previously during Map7 a few months back while fighting the Thanos boss. Is this a known issue?

What could have caused this? There's no regen or anything on these nodes, so my assumption is that there is some UI delay that's occurring, where one device hasn't registered the new health of boss, and when they join it's falling back the wrong, higher health on the delayed device.

This is a obviously a huge deal as this can be insanely expensive and costly for alliances in terms of attack bonuses lost, item use, etc.


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