**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Looking for G1/G2 (10.5 prestige/ 1.4 mil rating)

Looking for Map 5 alliance with at least G2 AW rating.

-Dependable and don’t need to be tagged
-Done w/ all story quests except AOL
-Diverse and deep roster

Pls leave your Line app info


  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87

  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,013 ★★★★
    Speeds80 in line or in game
    24m 5x5 alliance, 200m easily in aq week, g2 hopefully getting back to gold 1, good mid range, reliable relaxed alliance but don’t carry deadweight, no assigned paths, we encourage taking the next nodes to clear others in aq and the best path for your champs in aw, looking to replace 1
  • toxicplum11toxicplum11 Posts: 10
    ToxicPlum ign and line HMU.
  • 363M top 400 AQ
    Line app: Obviouslobster
  • CarpyCarpy Posts: 95
    G1/2 war top 250 aq run 6x5. Hmu line at carpy16
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 334
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    User not found
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 109
    Hey man! We have what you're looking for. Map 5 group pushing gold 1 this season. Hit me on Line - metalman695
  • JustadudeJustadude Posts: 87
    Will do.

    This is actually an old post but I am looking
  • Blake_ZerkerBlake_Zerker Posts: 130
    gami3it is my line id.
  • if you want map 6 5 days and g1 rewards, we are looking for 1. US
  • IlarioxIlariox Posts: 80
    Line id: ilariovacca
    We are G3 now but we're just outside g2 and will push for it. We run Map5x5 230+mil.
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 109
    Justadude said:

    Will do.

    This is actually an old post but I am looking

    Sounds good, hit me up on line when you can sir.
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 109

  • Capn_DanteCapn_Dante Posts: 565 ★★★
    Map 5/5/5 AQ, Gold 2 (more AQ focused) alliance is recruiting for one person in the North or South America time zones. Very active alliance, SA is typically around 625k-650k (sometimes over 750K). Minimum prestige 8700 (Current alliance average - looking to continue raising that up)

    Requirements - must be active, good communicator, and not afraid of going after the bosses - everyone needs to participate no free rides

    We are part of a 5 alliance family that has a map 5/6 gold 2 alliance, map 5 plat 3 alliance, map 4 gold 2 alliance, and an alliance for beginners. Most who leave our alliance either step down or up to another one and stay within the family.

    Message Capn_Dante on line if interested
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