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Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
Guys I know this game is starting to shift more towards 5 star champs which is great. But by the end of the year we will have 60-70 5 star champs in the basic 10k pool.. its literally going to be impossible to duplicate a 5 star champ now. Are there any future plans on lowering the 5 star shard amount from 10k to 2k once we do get the 60-70 champs in the pool?

one concern I have is people will start saving shards till later in the year for chance at hypieron or ghost rider etc.. and if kabam does decide to change the shard amount from 10k - 2k the people that have been saving with 50-60k shards will be able to open a bunch of 5 star crystals at once opposed to people who will open 5 star crystals at 10k trying to dupe a current champ they have with 30-40 champs in the pool will get screwed


  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,570 ★★★★
    I am pretty sure at some point the shard cost will lower, maybe not to 2k...

    However if people are saving now for then, that is upto them... maybe save yourself instead of worry about others.

    I have 40k saved, but I am gonna open 4 tomorrow and hopefully get a couple new champs.
  • Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
    im not worried about other people saving im just saying some people will save no matter what to get better champs at the end of they year but if kabam decides to lower the shard amount at a random time how is it fair to people who didn't know of this spending 10k shards on crystals trying to dupe a old basic champ.. I think the players should know if kabam intends to lower shards at any point instead of people spending those 10k shards for a kamala khan vs if they known the shard amount would drop within a month or two they could save open more crystals with better chance at duping champs or getting better champs
  • Rynot916Rynot916 Posts: 30
    There definitely is a push towards 5* characters and it wouldn't surprise me if we saw a drop in the cost of 5* shard crystals, or even a rework of the premiums/ultimate crystals etc.
  • NyaleNyale Posts: 126
    The availability of shards will increase , cost will remain same as to not increase hoarding of shards most likely
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