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Human Torch VS Kang V3

I am looking for videos or feedback on tous fight, anyone vas alredady try?


  • AanthoAantho Posts: 159
    And sorry for my english, it's bot my language
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 159
    Nice, that would be great ! I don't have NightTrasher or IMIW, but i will try with Human Torch and make a video je i can
  • Cranky_TrumpCranky_Trump Posts: 263
    Hyperion works great too, just spam the SP1
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 159
    Thanks for your advices
  • AanthoAantho Posts: 159
    I tried but i couldn't managed with incineration and baiting sp1, so Sparky did the job for me, and i found Aegon in the 5* cristal !
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