AQ Donations

Hi everyone

So 2 months ago my alliance, kinda disbanded and I have joined the higher rated allies of mine to a new AQ focused alliance, running Map 6 AQ and aiming for at least Gold 1 in AW. The transition has been a bit rough at start, but now with my strengthened roster, I get through 5 days of map 6 using about 5-10 potions/week. The issue I have been starting to notice is, even though I play for 4 hours a day at least, I seem to be draining more gold than I earn/week and not being able to rank up champions. The weekly donations in my alliance are 280.000 gold, 20.000 loyalty and 30.000 battlechips.
The only time I saw my gold increase was when I 100% completed variant 4, but I needed that gold to rank up champions, so I am back to approximatelly 1.000.000 gold. Is anyone else having the same issues and if you do what do you suggest I do? I also play arena so I don't think that's the answer, since I hate the time I need to grind in there.

Thank you in advance for your help
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