Captain marvel movie or medusa

Got 5 star cosmic awakening gem from road to a million acorns who to awaken and why?


  • SceptilemaniacSceptilemaniac Posts: 920 ★★★
    I would go for CMM unless you desperately need Medusa as a defender.
  • rcm2017rcm2017 Posts: 231
    edited February 2020
    CMM, no doubt. Medusa is good but awakened CMM has one of the longest indestructibles in the game provided u take her to high sig. So she can bypass a lot of headaches and has high burst damage. Most opponents melt and better prestige than medusa if am not wrong. And awesome synergy with NF makes both of them so much better.
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    Sparkles is one of the most crazy champs there is
  • HughJanisoleHughJanisole Posts: 419 ★★★
    Capt MCU is a beast. At max sig you’ll get 12 full seconds of indestructible while she is in beast mode. When played right you can keep her charges above 20 for the start of each fight. Not to mention her prestige is like 6th. Medusa is garbage compared to Cap MCU.
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