0 DAMAGE Taken by enemies in AW

On path 6 - nodes 38 and 25 , has anyone seen the enemies take 0 damage for 5-6 hits constantly. I saw this happen with Doc Oc and today on Colossus. This is AW tier 4 I do not see any such node that make my hits deal 0 damage. There is no Bulwark defense tactic either. The defense tactics used is Villain Siphon.


  • MetaphorUraniumMetaphorUranium Posts: 75
    edited February 4
    Path 6 has two such nodes. When defender has an armor up buff, a crit hit deals zero damage and removes the buff. It’s precisely why your opponent placed Colossus there.
  • the_eradicatorthe_eradicator Posts: 72
    Ohh thanks man. Did not read that part I guess
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