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Daredevil Classic among the 6* Choices???

BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
edited February 2020 in Suggestions and Requests
I was watching a YouTube video awhile back of a guy getting totally let down opening a 6* crystal, after opening several 5*s the guy opens the 6* and out pops a Daredevil Classic, now from what I understand a 6* Crystal takes awhile to aquire as I'm uncollected and only halfway to my first 6* and that was getting lucky on the gifting event this past Christmas, anyways this guy was pissed and rightfully so Daredevil Classic is one of those well known useless and hopeless Champs this guys synergies are pathetic and show just how long it's been since hes seen an update and as far as his abilities go they too are well....the only word I can think of is pathetic I have yet to draw a 6* but when i do I would like to take comfort in knowing that Kabam isnt throwing champs like Daredevil Classic into the Mix, they should update the 6* Pool cause you dont get a 6* without spending some serious money or grinding some serious content, 6* should be something to be happy about not something where your hoping you dont get kabammed below is a couple screen shots of his synergies and abilities (turn your phone sideways to read the fine print)


  • ANDYXANDYX Posts: 9
    However, for most summoners, their first 6* champions are iron fist, king groot,deadpool X,ant man...... mine is Diablo.
    I think there must be different chances to get different champions. For most time we get useless ones which we even don’t want to waste resources to upgrade.
  • RedminotaurRedminotaur Posts: 13
    I'll take a 6star Daredevil for my synergy with Kingpin and Mr.Sinster.
    I'm not saying what champions I don't like for fear that Kabam gods might curse me with duup Crystal spin opening lol -__-
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    The worst I've ever seen is this
  • The worst I've ever seen is this

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