About that broken Pure Skill ability...

@Kabam Miike If I recall correctly, Kabam admitted that Pure Skill was adversely affected with 12.0 and they were looking into it. What I know is that I saw a definitive difference in what my skill champs were doing, to the point that I gave up the ability (5/5). After much time, some units, and LOTS of loyalty, I was able to unlock another ability and use those points somewhere else. What I'm wondering is if Kabam would simply reimburse everyone with Pure Skill unlocked with the equivalent loyalty cost for those cores? I know it's highly unlikely, but you don't know if you don't ask. Plus, I'd like to get official confirmation that this isn't even on Kabam's radar, because skill champs always seem to take the short straw.
*slightly related, for other posters* I can't think of a skill champ who'd qualify as any kind of tank. Thoughts? I'd imagine Kingpin will be, assuming he's skill because he's just a human.
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