Looking for alliance who’s active

Looking for alliance who’s doing map 5 or 6 and is doing every alliance event such as completion and item use. Alliance war must at least be around gold or higher. My prestige is at 9116
IGN: Joker7346
Line: six.paths.of.pain


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    Hmmm, we aren't gold, but I need another stronger member to anchor the alliance with me. All we need is like 3 or 4 more heavy hitters similar to me and we can be great.

    Lemme know what you think.

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    desicheriedesicherie Posts: 276
    LF 3 / AQ map 5 4 3 / AW silver 1 / Line / uncollected
    Hmu if you're interested 😊 good luck looking!
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    DarkragonDarkragon Posts: 62
    We do map 5 and sometimes map 6. Currently 2 members short from a full alliance. Finished gold 1 last season (have finished gold 1 several times). Looking for strong, capable and active players. Line ID spastic_penguin
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