Sceptre not working

So first off let me just state that the fact that there is a node which makes willpower slowly kill you is complete garbage. Sceptre should absolutely be a passive debuff that way you don't get punished for a mastery that 99% of the playerbase runs.

Second off, the node itself is bugged. When my non-robots fight against it, they lose 3 ticks of hp every half second. One is from willpower due to the aforementioned stupid nature of the node itself, however there's two more smaller ones, that are larger than the amount of health gained from Salve. How come I am losing so much health? Not only is this more than I should theoretically be losing from Salve (assuming that's where it's coming from) there is 2 of them for every 1 tick due to willpower being reversed. Where is all this damage coming from? It makes no sense. Can you please provide transparency into this? @Kabam Miike
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