Looking for chill, but powerful alli :)

Hi Global!
As exams are coming up and school is getting tougher, it’s hard for me to put in the work in my current alliance and not get maximum rewards due to uncooperative people in the alli. We did T5 war and I was expected to carry the battle group.

What I am looking for is an alli with no compromise on competitivenes or skills of every member, runs Map 6 and but is a chill alli. Maybe a 2 BG optional war? I hope I’m not asking too much! Would love to hear back from anyone. I can join once season rewards are in.

I live in Singapore, and my prestige is somewhere around 9.6k. I can add you on LINE if you’d like :D Thanks 🙏🏽


  • Marrero_504Marrero_504 Posts: 23
    Hi, we are a silver 2 alliance moving up. We are a compromised alliance. we run map5 in offseason map4 for season but moving to do map5 for season. we run 2 bgs in AW. Wars are optional.
    Marrero504 is my line id. hope to here from you.
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