Looking for a t4cc alliance

Looking for a relatively laid-back alliance that occasionally gets t4cc. Ingame name: StefffGorgge. Prestige: 3380. Roster:


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  • The Bro'fessors (Bro.z) runs map 55533. We are not a heavy grind, but routinely clear 100% on Maps and earn T4CC / Glory in the Expert Tier. Sent you a friend request in game. hope to connect, and Good Luck.
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    OneManArmy wrote: »
    3300 prestige and you looking for t4cc ally? GOOD LUCK

    That was my thought as well. I literally laughed out loud. Stefff, you've got some decent champs and appear to possibly be an arena grinder. you should be trying to get into any alliance that completes 5x5 consistently in aq and ideally in about tier 4 or 5 war. You are nowhere near the prestige and don't have enough even basic numbers of r5 champs to get into anything higher at this point. And if an alliance takes you claiming anything else either 1. They aren't being honest with you, or 2. They are desperate atm and will replace you when they can. I've been playing this game for a year and a half and barely have high enough prestige to get into a weekly t4cc--and that's only with an alliance that will run map 6 (possibly twice) a week to do it.
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    OneManArmy wrote: »
    3300 prestige and you looking for t4cc ally? GOOD LUCK

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    Message me on line: breynolds11
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