5* symbiote supreme question

I just got a 5* symbiote supreme and I have a mystic awakening gem and mystic 5* gems to boost his awakened ability. Is it worth awakening him or wait for another champ?


  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 320 ★★
    It depends on the rest of your roster and how much you intend to use him. There will be plenty of people who say he is worth it. Personally he hasn’t been worth an awakening gem for me, but then I have a r5 BWCV which means I only bring out my r4 SS for really specific fights. If you’re going to rank him up and he’s going to become a staple champ for you, his awakened ability is probably worth having. Either way don’t awaken him before you have actually ranked him up though. Having a r1 or r2 sitting there awakened is pointless, and between now and ranking him up something could happen that changes your mind on whether to awaken him or not.
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