Pre-fight ability change

Run477Run477 Posts: 1,337 ★★★
Would it be possible to change the pre-fight ability trigger?

Currently, if the champ you want to use is automatically highlighted by the game, you get no warning to activate pre-fight. Instead of just hitting fight, you have to click on the champ first. While that may seem like nothing, it actually causes major issues. Stealth spidey is the biggest issue here. He is used almost exclusively for his web foam and he’s a skill champ with high prestige. Thus, when you plan to use him to fight thing or another science champ, he’s almost always the first champ highlighted. It’s common nature in the game to just click “fight” bc it’s a mobile game and pre-fight abilities are fairly new compared to the age of the game.

All I ask is that the game either (1) issue a warning that you have not selected a pre-fight ability when you go to fight, or (2) if the champ is automatically selected by the game, give the option to select a
Pre-fight ability then.

It is so annoying to die in war bc you didn’t activate a pre-fight ability when you were never prompted to do so.
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