New 1 and 3 Day Events

We've had the same 1 and 3-day events for a long time now, and since the pool of champs is steadily increasing how about adding new 1 or 3-day team events (we already have Villian Use, Guardian Use, and XMen Use ). It would also get us to use some champs that we may not normally use in every day questing or AQ/AW (*cough*cough* Kamala)

The rewards could stay the same based on if they are 1 day or 3-day events but maybe add in a mix of T4 class ISO for the certain class champs that are used in the event or maybe make these team events solo side quests for months where there are no solo quests active and reward T4 ISO, gold or PHC shards.

Following teams are by in-game tags:

F4 Team Use (Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Torch, IW, Silver Surfer)

A-Force Team Use (CM Movie, CM (OG), Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, Rogue, SW, She-Hulk)

Robot Team Use (Dark Hawk, Gully 2099, Nebula, Sentinel, Ultron Drone, Ultron, Vision, Vision AoU, Warlock)

New Avengers Team Use (Hyperion, Spiderman (OG), Spiderman (Miles), Squirrel Girl, Sunspot, Jane Thor,
Wolverine, Immortal IF)

Illuminati Team Use (Beast, Black Bolt, Blk Panther (OG), Dr. Strange, Hulk, Magneto, Namor, Sup. IronMan)

Dimensional Team Use ( DOrm, Magik, Ghost Rider, Mephisto, MorningStar, Hood)

Symbiote Team Use (AV, Carnage, Sym. Spiderman, Sym. Supreme, Venom, VTD, and Venompool)
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