Who to use a 5* rank 4->5 science gem on

I recently finished variant 4 and got a rank 4->5 science gem. I’m trying to decide if I should use it on someone I already have or wait. I’m mostly doing variant content as I have no good answer for 6.2.2 Sinister.

Kinda leaning towards ranking and awakening thing. I have a 5* champion, 5* Hela, 4* Angela, 4* heimdal for the singers team, which has been fun to pay with. he’s a good AW defender and adds some durability to my other rank 5s (sparky, domino, Hyperion)

Quake is a close second and mostly because I can’t quake play evade style quake very well.

Who to use a 5* rank 4->5 science gem on 11 votes

Thing (unawakened)
TROUBL3DMegaGalactic 2 votes
awesomesauce 1 vote
Void (sig 160)
HendrossBrokenTheHeroDeservedEtjamaK3600Bonzodavid 6 votes
Wait for Captain America Infinity War
TotalMonster109Yoma 2 votes
Wait for human torch
She hulk (sig 20)


  • Angelfire_TNORAngelfire_TNOR Posts: 56
    Forgot to mention that if I ranked thing I would use the science awakening gem on him. Not sure quake benefits enough to bother.
  • BonzodavidBonzodavid Posts: 306 ★★
    Void (sig 160)
    Depends on what you want:
    Void for heal/special power gain reversal
    Thing for damage

    I would suggest void because unlike thing
    he doesn't need a full synergy team so you can add him to any team.
    If you need a aw defender then upgrade thing.
  • Angelfire_TNORAngelfire_TNOR Posts: 56
    My main reluctance for ranking void is a I have a 6* unawakened void. I know the chances of awakening him a pretty low, but I’d hate to use top tier resources on the 5* if that 6* ever gets awakened.

    Also when I need heal reversal I find it is just a matter of surviving long enough for fear of the void and an extra passify debuff to come into play. I tend to use magik or voodoo for most power control situations.
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