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3 Looking For a New Alliance

What's up forum.

Myself and two buddies of mine are looking for a new alliance. We are pretty dedicated players, all 3 of us play everyday.

Preferably we would like to find a Gold level alliance (Plat is okay too but we might not be as useful) that runs Map 5.

I've posted screenshots of my profile below along with my two buddies. We're a package deal though, so you either get all 3 or you get none.

Line ID: Mr.Rag


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    SleeperHBTSleeperHBT Posts: 11
    Hello and would like for all 3 of you to join GRX2 if still currently in need of a alli
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    I have a place for you, please ping me - Discord VV#4129
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    Join us! Dark Avengers!
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    I appreciate everyone who reached out. We've found a home and are going to see how it works out. I have saved everyone's info here in case we need to make a change if this doesn't work out.

    Again, I appreciate everyone's replies.
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