Looking for an alliance for main & 2nd account

Looking for an alliance that runs 3 BGs of AQ map5/4 & AW silver 1+. Use line and organised.
Main account IGN Strongest Avenger prestige 10170
2nd account IGN Braveheart1297 prestige only 1580 but will grow fast
Combined prestige 5875
Can use 2nd account to taxi main
Good player
Arena grinder
Line Mike18211


  • Mike18211Mike18211 Posts: 40
    Found one
  • olegpetrov80326olegpetrov80326 Posts: 269
    hi take me to the Union after the season I'm looking for a strong Union with a permanent online, not lower than 1 gold, in the Union task I want to try the sixth card, I need to raise the Champions to 5/65 rank, I'm Russian, I can play in English, American or any foreign Union, I don't care

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