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LF active players after AW season (AQ map 5x5 / AW focus Gold 1 tier 4-5)

We will release some slots out after the war season. We need long term players which are really active in game and wanted to grow together with us, our target for next season is go back to Plat 4.

We are AW focus alliance , so we need teamwork player which has experience in AW tier 4-5 in above, defender list and path assignment will be given based on your roster. We have few boss killer in this alliance can guide you how to manage your path.

Please make sure you login every few hours (except sleeping)to clear your path in AQ & AW , even though we aren't from same timezone but we still able to finish AQ 100% on time , we run map5x5 with global modifier every day.

Requirement of AW defender - 5* rank 4 & 6* rank 1 only x 5 champs
AW offence team - at least one 5* rank 5 or 6* rank 2
AQ attack team - at least one 5* rank 5 or all 5* rank 4 ,
(player rating requirement is 550k ++, our average alliance member rating is 800k )

We use Line apps to communicate , if you fulfill the requirement, kindly drop me a text via Line and send me your roster.

Line ID : Darrenchua.87
IGN : Demenxc


  • DemenXCDemenXC Posts: 24
    edited February 12
    We are still looking for active players.
  • DemenXCDemenXC Posts: 24
    we are still looking for 1-2 active players after this AQ rewards .
  • DemenXCDemenXC Posts: 24
    Hi we have one slot to fill in immediately , PM me for more detail .
  • DemenXCDemenXC Posts: 24
    We have one player gonna take a break of this game , so we have 1slot open , you can join us Before day2 AQ
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