Bring Back 5v5 Alliance 7 day Arena Event

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I would like to see the 5v5 Alliance 7 day Arena return but maybe make some slight adjustments according to alliances total rating. Maybe have this arena every month or 6 weeks. (The following are just examples of a scoring system that could be implemented)

Alliance Rating///Total points needed /// Champ star awarded
0 to 4.9m -- 5M (166k each = 23k pts per day) 3*
5m to 9.9M-- 15M (500k each = 71k per day) 4*
10M to 19.9M-- 30M (1M each = 142k per day) 5*
20M and up-- 45M (1.5M each = 214k per day) 6*

Each player must contribute a certain amount of points in the event to be eligible for final champ milestone (alleviates the moochers/slackers from getting rewards they didn't put in work for)

Champ awarded would be at Kabams choosing (maybe a newer champ that was released within the last 2-3months of arena start)

Milestones could include BCs, Units, Gold, T1 Alpha, T2 frags, T4 & T5 frags.

I think this would help alliances and their members get a champ that they do not have to "grind" for in weekly arenas where they are in a pool of players at varying ratings esp once you hit the vet bracket, the arena becomes very tedious, and most times boring, even though it's a necessary evil to get BCs for gold.

I think this would help encourage more players to get involved and stay active within an alliance.
Thoughts? Suggestions?
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