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Mister Sinister vs. Mojo (Uncollected monthly quest)

Hello everyone,
I have tried multiple times to pass the degeneration debuff over to Mojo with Mister Sinister’s SP1, because it is a damaging debuff and he is supposed to pass it over with a 100% chance even if blocked. But it does not work. Am I missing something? This was my strategy against his degeneration, but the game has failed me. Thanks for any response or enlightenment.


  • The degeneration is passive, and not a debuff, That is mentioned in the node description I believe
  • Thanks for the enlightenment. I will accept my “passive” losses as a misunderstanding on my part. Time to re-think....
  • Madcat said:

    Just read "passive" as "fun, unavoidable damage". Passive gets around immunities, shrugging abilities, and transferring abilities.

    It doesn't do any of those, actually
  • Hey there, just wanted to pop in and make sure that you got the correct information. As will-o-wisp mentioned, the Degeneration in question is a Passive Degeneration Effect, not a Degeneration Debuff. Debuffs will have a light ring around their icons, which a Passive Effects do not have. Mister Sinister has 100% chance to Transfer all Damaging Debuffs to his opponent with his SP1 but, since his ability only specifies Debuffs, he can't do the same with Passive Effects.

    Passive Effects can get around abilities that only target Debuffs but are still affected by abilities that target their specific type of effect. For instance, a Passive Bleed Effect could be applied to an opponent who was Debuff immune, but not to an opponent who was Bleed Immune. Hope that helps clear some things up!
  • Yes, thank you Zibiit! Nice to hear from you.
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