Hello Mojoverse! Are you ready for Special Objectives AND a Special Arena?!



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    kfd2010 said:

    @Androggs it's not too late, but Kabam won't add more milestones because they either don't want to admit they messed up or they don't want to set a precedent of changing rewards after content is released due to complaints.

    They didn't mess up. That's the Event. Not all Special Events will contain the highest Rewards.
    That's not my big issue. I mean the rewards aren't great, but my big issue is you can't finish all the objectives before you hit the top milestone rewards. Hell, you don't even come close with some.

    So then you have to say "I don't want to finish the objectives" or "I'm going to grind this arena that has no rank rewards just to maximize the event shards/get that picture of Deadpool." Both crummy options.

    That may not be a "mess up" but it's a poor design
    You hit them in all Arenas.
    I have a 118 Deadpools to fight. And I did a regular round of arena, fought an X-Force DP and I don't believe that counted. So that would mean if I got lucky and hit a required DP on each one, that's 118 more fights. But I'm not going to hit a Deadpool on each one. I'll be lucky if it's 1 every 5.

    I'm not doing over 500 rounds of arena to get those rewards. And yes, I surely don't HAVE to, but to set up an objective that's such a chore to get is bad planning. So yes, the others will probably get closer in arena. Some will even get completed. But not all of them without some incessant grinding.
    What are you talking about? You're guaranteed a deadpool fight in the mojo arena.
    I wrote "And I did a regular round of arena" to show that you wouldn't be able to hit the DP objectives outside of doing the Mojo arena. And with no rewards outside the objectives, I'd have to choose grinding 118 rounds of an arena that has no more rewards or hoping I'd hit them in a regular arena. (And now I know you're never going to hit the DP objectives without doing mojo arena.)

    In the end, my final point was and still is this was designed poorly when it came to the arena and objectives
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    This event has been way too much of a grind! The fun went out of it in a couple of days and it has been running forever!
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    I’m at 2 mill and still got 20 fights left

    Way off base should of at least gave more milestones heck should give rank rewards too

    Edit: and I’ve only done the golden ones
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    This event has been a fail IMO
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    February special quest was too boring & unworthable. Please provide some interesting quest in next months.
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