Selling 6*/5*

Will 5 or 6* ever become sell able? I would particularly prefer if 6* were sellable for more 6* shards, because I'm getting sick of looking at my 13 awful 6* while other people have 3 all God tier.

With 6* shards being so hard to get, and the 6* pool being such absolute garbage. It would go a long way to allow us to dump our terrible 6* to try again to get a good one. 6* crystals right now are the most infuriating thing in the entire game, something should be done.


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    Zakrw_317Zakrw_317 Posts: 50
    The number one rule of the game is to not sell champs. Plus what if you sell them and get the champ right back. It would be a total waste and you would miss out on iso-8 and who doesn't love extra iso-8. You know the rng of kabam is highly trash so.
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    EvangelionlovrEvangelionlovr Posts: 481 ★★★
    Not selling 1-5* I agree because you have a high chance to dupe them and get ISO but 6* I think selling them would be fine if only to let me forget that I pulled Rhino, Cyclops, Juggs, TJF, DPX, Psylocke, Phoenix and NC.
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