Recommendation for Ebony Maw (to make him balanced)

I own a Rank 5 5* Ebony Maw and have been using him quite heavily since his buff in a few matchups. He is on the verge of greatness (not even overpowered greatness) that a couple of changes ranging from simple to complicated could fix.

-Just double his base degen: at sig 82 with 20 stacks of deterioration passives and a class advantage his degen ticks for 1k every half second, so 8k over 4 seconds. It sounds like a lot but to stack those passives to twenty after the beginning the degen drops to 117 per half second and you need to wait for black tongue to get the damage up again and let it stack. This kind of every ramp up should be rewarded with more than a single burst when the health on the wolverine in the monthly EQ in 3.2 has a health pool of 59k.

-At 20 persistent charges (PSC) just start the fight with black tongue active; this will allow for the damage to ramp up quickly when using him as an attacker without making the degen when he is on defense too powerful.

-Make the deterioration passives be counted as his PSC and have them always active so each of his applications of degen are dealing the increased degen but have the charges fall off each time a degen is applied. After twenty stacks are you cannot gain anymore until the charges reach 0, that makes him more like a sabertooth to play with where you build then lose and build again.

-"Seen Not Heard": Allow dashing back and holding block (like Nightcrawler) to change stances from Persuasive tongue to Seen not Heard. This will increase Ebony's base attack and degen but will stop the Persuasive Voice charges from stacking, each switch costs 1 PSC so it cannot be abused on war defense.

-Fury on charging heavy synergy: just make this part of his kit, the balance of getting off two special ones in the time frame given makes it tough especially with more passive AI.

-Special 1: I put in a ticket once about Ebony's attack rating lowering when he used his special one and was told it was intentional because of the utility of his special one. I'll buy this if instead of on hit nullifies of furies (3) just have it nullify all of them; magik has it in her kit and she also has a degen passive that also heals her, shouldn't be too game breaking.

-Respect the Maw: Make it so when he has his twenty, fourty, sixty, eighty, and final stack of 100 (during miss duration) he has a capped amount of damage he can take during special threes.

-Raw Maw: Increase his attack rating while enemy has falter passive.

I just want my fights with him not to take over 60 hits, I don't need a domino, namor, CAIW, Corvus, AA, or any of the other over the top champs damage, just someone that holds up to this "minimum standard" that was discussed, because (as someone who actually is using him day to day) he still hasn't hit the mark.
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