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Symbiote Supreme Nullify Issues(Aniihilus and Abyss Aegon)

Sym Supreme has always had issues with his nullify not functioning properly and I have one bug and a possible bug, however the second one is probably working as intended so it is just to ask the question. I am playing on the 25.3 version of MCOC using an Iphone 6s with the 13.3.1 IOS update.

1- Sym Supreme cannot nullify Aniihilus' fury buffs after an sp3 even when his Cosmic Control Rod is inactive. In Annihilus' "IT'S MIIIIINE--!" (lol) ability description it states that when the Cosmic Control Rod is removed, Annihilus gains 3 Fury buffs. With this in mind, Symbiote Supreme starts the fight in his Chthon's Blessing phase which nullifies all buffs upon activation. Finally, Annihilus's Cosmic Control Rod buff description states that whenever the opponent activates a nullify, fateseal or Stagger ability the effect is purified and the rod is removed.

I will be attaching the screenshots of the abilities as well as a video which illustrates the bugs Sym Supreme has with his nullify, also a possible bug on Annihilus.

Here is the video and the list of issues:

a- In the beginning of the fight, Annihilus gets his Cosmic Control Rod, I will use the CCR acroynm from now on, nullified but his "IT'S MIIIIINE--!" ability fails to trigger as he has no fury buffs while he should have 3 of them which is clearly stated by his ability.

b- Around the 15 second mark in the video, the 10 second cooldown for the CCR ends and even though I have 6 stagger effects, only 2 of the fury buffs are nullified. This seems pretty random because I think it should either be all the buffs getting nullified or none of them getting nullified.
The same thing happens during the 52 second mark as well. I have 6 passive stagger effects while CCR cooldown ends and this time I only nullify 1 of the fury buffs, the interaction seems totally random.

c- Around the 27-28 second mark in the video, Annihilus has 3 fury buffs and his CCR is clearly inactive. I launch an sp3 which triggers all blessings at once and after the sp3 ends on around the 40 second mark, Annihilus still has all 3 of his furies all of which should have been nullified due to Chthon's Blessing being activated.

2- The second issue is against Aegon in the abyss. Unfortunately I do not have footage of this encounter got deleted. First of all, Aegon has this Abyssal Enhancement which reduces the opponents offensive ability accuracy by 100% unless you are using special attacks. I thought Sym. Supreme would be great against this guy since I would be constantly nullifying his 6 fury buffs with my sp3. However the furies on Aegon never got nullified even when my Chthon's Blessing phase was active. I have 2 questions regarding this issue:

a) Are all the blessings activated after the sp3 attack? It states that the sp3 actiaves all of them so I thought that the nullification of the fury buffs on Abyss Aegon would trigger after the sp3. (I had the same issue using Magik as well, used an sp3 and none of the fury buffs got nullified and I apparently got no boost to my attack with Magik's sp3 ability since it only hit around 9k at 5/65 with boosts)

b) Is nullifying buffs considered an offensive ability or a defensive ability? I thought that it was a defensive ability since you are defending yourself from the buffs that the opponent trigger, please correct me if my assumption is wrong.

I would really appreciate it if people can look into this interaction since it feels like Sym Supreme constantly has some issues with his nullifies. I run 5 points in MD and these issues hinder my fights.
@Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Carbon

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be as detailed as possible to express myself clearly and to avoid possible misunderstandings. I hope somebody actually checks this out.


  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,163 ★★★

    Offensive abilities are abilities that trigger when you're attacking. Wolverine's bleed is an example of an offensive ability.

    Defensive abilities are abilities that trigger when you're getting hit. Iron Man's Arc Overload is a good example of this.

    There are also abilities that aren't classified as Offensive or Defensive as they happen without any external triggers. Medusa's fury buffs are a good example of this. These are passive abilities.

    For Sym Supreme, he nullifies buffs in a few different ways.
    -He can place a stagger on the opponent via basic attacks. However, the abyssal node will prevent these staggers from being placed since they would be considered an offensive ability (they are applied when you attack).

    -If he's awakened, Sym Supreme has a chance to place a stagger on the enemy at regular intervals. This ability is not offensive or defensive, it's passive (like Medusa's fury). This stagger should behave the same despite the abyssal node on the fight.

    -Sym Supreme will enter Chthon's Cunning blessing and nullify (not stagger) all buffs. This is a passive effect and shouldn't be affected by the abyssal node since it's not an offensive ability.

    -Finally, Sym Supreme's L1 will nullify 1 buff. This is an offensive ability, but since it's part of a special attack, it shouldn't be affected by the abyssal node.

    I will say that I've noticed a few posts that have reported issues with L3's in Abyss. It's entirely possible that the problem is not specific to Sym Supreme, but a product of a larger bug with L3's right now.
  • tafretafre Posts: 195
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious it has been a week since I posted this so I am going to ask if anything has been passed on anywhere or are these problems with Sym Supreme intended?

    I spent a lot of time to observe and report bugs that you guys should be finding and I think it is very natural for me to expect a response for helping you guys make this game a better one. We all love this game but experiencing things like this is not fun and even when I elaborately explain the issues regarding Sym Supreme, still getting no response makes the players feel like our input does not matter. Please look into these issues. I hope I will be getting a response that is not hostile.
  • StrStr Posts: 459 ★★
    Anyone else had this issue?
  • StrStr Posts: 459 ★★
    Anyone else had this issue?
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