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Champs Have Low Damage Output Past 2 Days

Anyone else? Even my r4 5* Domino doesn’t put out much damage past 2 days in any mode. I’m about to r5 her but now I’m concerned. My champs are mostly hitting in the hundreds with few crits (and those are lower than usual). All r4 5* Venom, Domino, Luke, Warlock, Modok, Hela. Lol, I’m going in with wet noodle whips.


  • Whatnot72056Whatnot72056 Posts: 72
    R4 5* Xbones and Guilly too. I just had one event quest fight w guilly that yielded crits. All pretty much 100s prior.
  • This is not happening to me... maybe it is a specific mode? where are you seeing this? can we get a video?

    Did you by any chance change your masteries in the last week?
  • Whatnot72056Whatnot72056 Posts: 72
    Nah, none of that. My Dom was hitting her crazy crits in AQ today though. Modok was doing his thing too in AW. I guess it was a bug that got worked out. It was seriously such a noticeable thing that I had to ask. Now things seem fine. No changes to my account for some time. It was literally like hitting with wet noodles there for like 2 days.
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