Great Idea for new Grandmaster Crystal!

Since there is no way to sway the decision of the 6-star heroes coming too soon, I think it would be amazing if we could buy Grandmaster Crystals for something like 10,000 Premium Hero Crystal Shards. Right now, it says these crystals will only be available via login calendar or units. Many of us that are Uncollected are just tired of opening hundreds of PHC to get nothing but 2* and occasional 3* (i haven't even got a 4* since May). I'd rather get 5 Grandmaster Crystals with 5,000 PHC shards than 50 PHC.

@Kabam Miike, can you guys please consider letting us buy the Grandmaster Crystals with Premium Hero Crystal Shards? It would be very consistent with the other "Uncollected" features added like buying "Uncollected Arena Crystal" for 10k shards.

Any feedback is much appreciated!


  • Drummer16Drummer16 Posts: 293
    Feedback, anyone?
  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,641 ★★★★
    PHC's and Grandmaster crystals serve a different purpose so I don't think kabam will allow one type of crystal shard convert into another. PHC's are for the long path of progression you are supposed to max all your 2 stars, then 3 stars then 4 star and so on and it takes years, even high level players don't have all their two stars maxed out. The grandmaster crystal on the other hand is more for a quick boost of progression, you pull a good four star or 5 star since those are a lot faster to max and more likely to pull it quickens your progression . If you could PHC shards to grandmaster shards no one would open premiums and that'd wreck a very important part of the game's long progression path.
  • AppleisgodAppleisgod Posts: 1,420 ★★★★
    And there are some people who are sitting on over a million phc shards
    So no
  • Drummer16Drummer16 Posts: 293
    Well good for them? Some people also got away with hacking and exploiting the game and errors with kabam giving them 10000 crystals, not shards. Why should that matter for us?

    Some people save up 4 and 5* shards and wait a year for new champs to be added to the pool. The grandmaster cystals give 3*s the majority of the time anyways so someone with a million PHC shards should be able to trade them in for 100 grandmaster crystals? They may get a 2 5* if they are lucky but most likely will get all 3* and 4*.

    @Sungj, your comment doesnt make sense. The grandmaster crystal is the exact OPPOSITE of the way the game should be played. It's not supposed to be "who can pump $50,000 in the game and get 1000s of grandmaster crystals to get perfect 5* lineup. The point is to play for progression, so you kind of contradicted yourself there.

    Someone like me who has no use for 2* and 3* which is all I ever pull from PHC might actually ENJOY trading in 10k PHC shards for a grandmaster. It makes perfect sense if you are uncollected and want to not literally bore urself opening worthless garbage. That was the point of becoming uncollected?
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 20,662 ★★★★★
    Couple things. The 10,000 Crystals that people received were not kept. People who are waiting a year for the pool to grow are doing so by choice. It's also RNG, so they will inevitably be waiting for some Champs they don't want. It's as @Sungj has said. They're two different Crystals that access two different pools. Regardless of popular opinion, one does not devalue the other. They're just different. Which brings me to my main point. You may personally have no desire for anything less than a 5*, but that doesn't make the actual value any less. There are reasons they keep these things limited, whether financially or based on availability. Flooding the game with fully-formed 5* Rosters is not exactly copacetic in terms of balance. The actual number of people willing to invest "$50,000" on a Roster is not exactly high. There is still a rarity and value on everything, even with 6*'s being introduced. People may think nothing else matters, but that doesn't register to actual value in the game. It's not very feasible for a few reasons.
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,565 ★★★★
    Appleisgod wrote: »
    And there are some people who are sitting on over a million phc shards
    So no

    @Appleisgod well that's your fault for not saving then.
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