20.6mil Ally looking for 1 player for AQ map 5 & AW

Hello there everyone, I am the leader of Infinity Gauntlet. Alliance tag is InfiG if you want to take a look. We do map 5x5 for AQ weekly in all 3bgs, and hit between 180-195 Mil weekly milestones, so we are so close to hitting that 200 mil milestone. We just ended AW season 15 at Silver 1 but we are shooting for the Goal of reaching Gold 3 and maybe even Gold 2 with just 2bgs. The reason we only do 2bgs for AW is we realize War Burnout is real so we have those 22 to 25 players in the alliance that are wanting and willing to War join and then by having that many we can rotate days off so players can get rest during the War season while still getting the 5 Wars needed to receive the Season Rewards.

I am looking for someone that understands the value and can appreciate working as a team. Willing to help out a teammate but not be too stubborn to not ask for help. We are US based but have quite a few players from the UK and Asia. We are a relaxed alliance in that we understand family and work life come first but we also are Alliance working toward a goal to get better and not become lazy or complacent. We all are constantly trying to get better, make better upgrades for AQ attack, AW defense and attack as well.

Requirements to join are as follows
-Must use Line- communication is a huge key to our success so being Active and having great communication skills is a must!

-Weekly Treasury Donations of 45k Gold and 3k Loyalty

-must have a 5* roster that can have 5 solid defenders that can help in having Diversity for War, 3 solid attackers for War and 3 solid attackers for AQ as AQ and AW can at times run simultaneously.

-must have map 5 experience and have the ability to clear all paths on map 5 by themselves or with little help needed. And be willing or be able to take on mini Bosses like Hyperion, Scarlett Witch and Red Skull.

-must not be rude we are an Adult based Alliance we don't have time for "highschool drama" types. In my Alliance we do not try to call out other team members to the best of our ability, we never try to humiliate any member either. Although sometimes when a member is seen making the same mistake over and over without trying to fix the problem then sometimes being called out happens but we definitely try to be constructive and calm about it.

If you want to know even more or are interested in joining please hit me up on Line zbot34



  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Man I figured recruiting during the off season of War would be a bit easier. Still looking for a player to join. Anyone out there ? 👍
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am once again looking for 1 player to join my Alliance. The last recruit was not active and did not communicate so after 3 days off that they were let go.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am still looking for 1 active player that can handle what I mentioned above? I want someone that can be experienced with AQ map 5x5 and War at the same time and wants to help build something great!
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